Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tata Crucible Goa - Questions


1. What brand in India is “Seedhi baat, no bakwaas”? – Sprite

2. Which company started off as Western India Vegetable Products? – Wipro

3. Picture – E. Sreedharan

4. Adolf Dassler started Adidas, what did his brother Rudolf start? – Puma

5. Which cement brand was recently acquired by Italcementi? – Zuari Cement

6. Which automobile manufacturer also produces high-end accessories like the P9521 mobile phones & the P8400 sun-glasses? – Porsche

7. Print ad – PETA

8. Which company has introduced a 3” wide touch screen mp3 player with the prefix 3, the 3 signifying 3 stars? – Samsung

9. What did Alexander McRae start as the McRae Hosiery Co.? – Speedo

10. The smallest of this species is Ispidina lecontei, the largest is Megaceryle maxima. What brand name do we get from this species? – Kingfisher

11. Book cover – Narayan Murthy’s A Better India, A Better World

12. Which consulting major has a networking platform called D-Street? – Deloitte

13. Which organization’s newsletter is called Grapevine, which it terms as ‘meeting in print’? – Alcoholics Anonymous

14. The book From Bankruptcy to Billions by Sudhir Kumar & Shagun Mehrotra is the story of the turnaround of which Indian organization? – The Indian Railways

Round 1: (+10)

1. The name of what product, which Vogue magazine termed as the ‘invention of the 20th century’ in 1908, entered the Oxford English Dictionary a few years later? The word being in French and difficult to pronounce, people began calling it by an abbreviated name, which also enters the OED subsequently. – Bra/Brassiere

2. What technique did Albert Humphrey pioneer at Stanford University in the 1960s using data from Fortune 500 companies? – SWOT Analysis

3. Which Oxford economist of the 18th century was never given an honorary doctorate by his own university but was honoured by having his image printed on a British currency note? – Adam Smith

4. What is C2A, or Call To Action marketing? – Marketing in which the potential customer is made to get in touch with the marketer, such as a toll free number, or a discount coupon that will bring the customer to the store.

5. What was created by Alexey Pajitnov that has sold 40 million copies, but did not benefit its creator monetarily since he invented it in communist-era Russia? – Tetris

6. What was created for the German Army due to petrol shortages in World War I and became very popular in rural India? – Paraffin

Round 2: Tata (Buzzer, +5/-5)

1. Which Tata company that produces educational books….? – Tata-McGraw Hill

2. What is the old name of Tata Coffee? – Consolidated Coffee

3. Which Tata brand is named after a time of the day? – Eight O’Clock Coffee

Round 3: Visual (+10)

1. Print ad – Coca-cola

2. Picture of a castle – Why does this building earn millions of dollars in royalty payments? – It’s the castle where the Harry Potter movies are shot.

3. Book cover – Nandan Nilekani’s Imagining India.

4. Logo – Fendi

5. Identify the car. – The Vespa 400, the only car manufactured by Piaggio.

Round 4: Connect (Buzzer, +10/-5)

1. Movie with Tushar Kapoor, poster of Liar Liar, scene from some TV serial etc. – Balaji Telefilms

2. Picture of Ted Turner, four brothers, The Wedding Singer poster, Bugs Bunny video – Warner Brothers

3. Dennie Lillee, Steve Waugh, Mammen Mapillai, Suzuki ad – MRF

4. Nadeem, Vaishnodevi, scene from a film etc. – T-Series

Round 5: Three Clues (Buzzer, +15,+10,+5/-10)

1. Naina Lal Kidwai

2. Gulshan Kumar

3. Shiv Nadar

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