Friday, August 14, 2009

Annie-thing Goes

A report on the August SEQC Quiz by Arti Das.

It was that time of the month when SEQC members come together for the monthly quiz. This month it was the turn of Aniruddha ‘Annie’ Sen Gupta to conduct the quiz.

He may have weak shoulders but he surely has sharp brains and that was evident throughout the three-hour long quiz. Everybody was divided into 8 teams, the eventual winner being Team 8 who scored 11.

The quiz was divided into two parts, the first section titled In the Zone had questions based on 18 topics that ranged from popular Hindi films to militant organizations. Some of these topics were sent by the participants themselves whereas there were some tailor-made topics meant for particular participants based on their interests, like the sex-related question fir Savio and for Niyati, the question on her favourite novel, Nancy Drew. I found this concept quite innovative.

The first round was much easier and simpler than the first round. The second round was called Annie-thing Goes, which, as the name suggests had questions based on Aniruddha’s interests and stuff. It covered varied topics and I should confess that it was not my cup of tea. It was quite a tough quiz especially for a fresher like me. In all it was a good exercise for our brains for three hours. Vikram, the youngest participant, brought in some entertainment and some excitement into the quiz. Lastly, it was a great mix of some very intelligent questions by Annie. His questions reflected thorough research and his knowledge. Keep up the good work, Annie!

See you all soon for the next SEQC quiz. Till then keep quizzing!

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