Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WQC 2009 questions and answers

The question packs and answer sets for the World Quizzing Championship 2009 have been uploaded in the Files section on the SEQC Googlegroup. To download them, follow the link below, and locate a file named WQC09_QandA.zip:



Foldster said...

Hello, I'm from Germany and I wonder who the best player in India is right now. What happened to Ashish who was WQC#3 in 2004? Doesn't he play any more?

Rajiv D'Silva said...

Hi Foldster,
Arul Mani from Bangalore topped this year's WQC in India, so I suppose you could say he's top dog quizzer in the country. I have no idea who this Ashish guy is, the WQC website strangely gives no surname. Can't recall anybody of that name currently quizzing. Maybe he retired ;-).

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