Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SEQC April 2009 Quiz

The SEQC monthly quiz for April will be the highlight event on what has been billed as the Day of the Quiz Monster. There will be two other quiz-based events on the same day, at 11am and 2.30pm. You are invited to attend any or all of them, and to stay for the lunch and tea that will fall in between the events. These events, too, like the evening session, will be conducted by Annie, but if anyone wants to contribute a round during these, they are welcome to do so.

Coordinate with Annie and Anjali on e-mail or on phone (2415449, 9860089733) if you're planning to be there for lunch, or want to part-QM either of the first two quizzes.

Date: 26th April 2009
Time: 5 pm
QM: Annie
Flavour: General, with the theme 'Streams of Consciousness'.
Venue: Annie and Anjali's place, 'Philips Cottage', Porvorim
How To Get There: If you're coming from Panjim, come north on NH17 heading towards Mapusa. After you pass the Coqueiro Circle, keep coming straight past the Holy Family Church (the next major landmark) which will come up on your left. About half a km north of the church, the road goes over a slight rise, with a Mercedes showroom to the left. Continue on the highway as it starts heading down, then take the first turn off to the right (it's next to a big commercial complex called the LaJoye Complex). Then take the first turn left, which is just a few metres up this road (don't go up to the top of the road -- if you can see the Holy Family School, you've gone too far). This is a narrowish lane. Annie's is the ninth or tenth plot on the right, diagonally across from an apartment complex called Karapurkar Residency. It's a cream-and-red bungalow, and you should be able to spot a black Scorpio in the grounds.

If you're coming south from Mapusa on NH17, turn left off the highway next to the Damian de Goa showroom. Then take the first turn right, opposite a cross and next to a small shop called Clyde's Shop. Annie's is the fourth plot on the left, next to an apartment complex called Datta Apartments. If you're somewhere nearby and lost, call 2415449 or 9860089733.

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