Thursday, April 30, 2009

Savaged by the Monster

With Annie having decided to name himself a Quiz Monster, and plenty of people willing to get mauled by this ogre, a full day binge of quizzing was on the cards, QMd by Annie (who after a long night of preparation, looked suitably monstrous).
The orgy began at noon or so, and continued through the day till around 8 pm with breaks for lunch and tea (not to forget nicotine). For the morning and afternoon sessions there were twelve quizzers, and they were given a treat by the wild-haired QM. The evening was the monthly SEQC quiz, for which many more people turned up, though attendance was low by usual standards, maybe it’s the heat or something.
The quiz was superb, heavy on literature (pre-1900s), history (largely medieval), and mythology (Greek, Roman and Norse). This made a refreshing change from the current fashion in quizzes to focus on current affairs trivia and ephemeral celebrity. But the difficulty level was high, as can be seen from the fact that only 34 of the 60 questions for the evening SEQC questions were answered by quizzers. The morning (12–2 pm) was a little easier, but the afternoon quiz was really tough and the most common reaction to most of the question was along the lines of Big Moose. This, as Annie said, was probably because he hadn’t refined the questions sufficiently yet, and figured out just how much data to provide.
Niyati provided an entertaining mini quiz in mid-afternoon, the points of which were added to the afternoon quiz tally.
Anjali and Annie provided their usual hospitality, and we all felt so comfortable and relaxed that we didn’t want to leave. How Annie thinks of all these questions, I don’t know. But no complaints, as long as he’s ready to provide, he has a willing audience.
The quiz was won by – no prizes for guessing – Rajiv. This is getting monotonous, he’s won the last three in a row, and with just one quiz to go for grand season 2008-09 to end, he’s as good as wrapped up the winner’s crown, all he has to do is turn up for Sunil’s quiz on 17 May. We’ve got to do something about this – in case all else fails, I would recommend a full frontal lobotomy.
Since the 17th completes one year of SEQC, let’s make plans for next year that day. I suggest that QMs be given 4 points – we’re undervaluing the work involved, and handicapping those enthusiastic to QM.
One final question – er, when’s the next Day of the Monster Quiz?


Ameya said...

Good review, gadgil.
For the new season, I guess we shall reset the leaderboard. Thats the only way I can get anywhere closer to Rajiv. We can maintain the current season leaderboard in the SEQC archive.
Another suggestion besides tweaking the scoring pattern, is about the grouping into teams. We cant afford another protest by Harsh ;)

Anniesen said...

Thanks for the positive review. Glad to see you weren't "against it", whatever it was.

I hope the monster is let loose soon again.

And hope to see more people follow Niyati's shining example.

Rajiv D'Silva said...

Great review, Gadgil. I am going to be very alert for the next quiz and will make a dash for the door if I see anybody moving about in a surgical outfit or get a whiff of chloroform in the air ;-).