Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The P.D. Quiz

A report on the March 2009 quiz by Luis Dias.

A Wikipedia search for P.D. gives you, among other things, Peu difficile, a French grade for a moderately difficult mountaineering route.

This seemed to be the objective of our designated QM, Ameya Mardolkar.

And a Google of "A. M." gives you (4 hits down) City AM, a business paper (Business with Personality). Coincidence? :-)

The evening kicked off with a heated dispute, Seed vs Leaderboard, which seems to be still raging, although I can sense a con-sensus emerging.

(Incidentally, couldn't help wondering, at least from a purely botanical standpoint, do you have to be nuts to be seeds? I think perhaps every nut is a seed, but you don't have to be a nut to be a seed. You however have to be a seed to be a nut).

Anyway: back to the review:

Following the seedy start:
We had a maiden over from Niyati; her first foray into QMing, and a superlative effort. Knocked most of us for six. This is a QM to watch, for sure.

This quiz also featured for first time, the Double Your Money rule, which has a lot to do with the final tally. You can gather from this comment that yours truly didn't capitalise (such a decadent word) on this very much. Note to self: Pay more attention to rules, or get ruled out.

As if to underline this, A.M. pointedly familiarised us (Can one POINTedly underLINE something?) of QM rules 1 and 2, which required several repetitions as the evening unfolded.

The first round was the Pehchan Kaun round; this was followed by a whole series of brilliantly (craftily?) crafted rounds. A memorable one was the acronyms on the NYSE tickerboard, which surprisingly all teams seemed to have fared rather well. Not bad going, considering none of us has dealings with NYSE.

The break featured a steady stream of food and drink emanating from Suraiya/P.D's kitchen, and we had to tear ourselves away to get back to quizzing.

The winners, by a landslide, were the runaway TRAN team (Tallulah-Rajiv-Anjali-Niyati).

Post quiz,we had PD's birthday bash, which began with birthday bumps (oh to be sweet sixteen again!), a delectable fare, booze flowing like water, and conversation spilling late into the night.

I speak for us all when I say: A good time was had by all.

Here's to the good old Quizky, one more round, one more round...! "


Ameya said...

great review :)

Aniruddha said...

Hey Luis,

Did I tell you I enjoyed your review a lot. You write really well.