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Tata Crucible Campus - Goa Round Results

The inaugural foray of Tata Crucible Campus into Goa took place on the 24th of February 2009. The turnout was good (49 teams) considering it was the quiz's first time here, and teams came from as far away as Belgaum, Karwar & Surathkal. (Which are not that far away, I know). The 20-question prelims were a tad on the easier side - even for a college quiz - but I suppose being a first time venue, Greycaps were unsure of what kind of quality to expect. The cut-off was 16, and six teams qualified for the Wild Card round -
1. Nitiksh & Pratyush (Goa Institute of Management, Ribandar)
2. Sagar & Ishant (Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna)
3. Abhishek & Pooja Kamath (GIM)
4. Sunit Thomas & Joshan Cherian (Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Zuarinagar)
5. Ankush & Nishanth (GIM)
6. Shalini & Surabhi (BITS)

The wild card round saw Abhishek & Pooja (GIM) and Sunit & Joshan (BITS) join the four direct entrants into the final -
1. Srijit Kumar & Joel Pires (Dyanprasarak Mandal College, Mapusa)
2. Abe Joseph & Pavan (GIM)
3. Varun Nair & Sharan Basavraj (National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal)
4. Sridhar Ramachandran & partner (BITS)

In the final, the NITK team took an early lead with some good answers and kept that lead throughout to emerge winners. The team from GIM (Abhishek & Pooja) finished runners-up.

Questions & Answers:
Prelims: (20 questions)

1. Visual – Kamal Nath
2. Raj Kundra was in the news recently for acquiring a stake in which IPL team? – Rajasthan Royals
3. Glucon D is a brand owned by which company? – Heinz
4. Visual of print campaign featuring Beyonce Knowles – L’Oreal
5. Kasturi & Sons are the parent company behind which famous newspaper? – The Hindu
6. “Better Sound Through Research” – Bose
7. Logo – Obama Campaign
8. Frito Lays, Quaker Oats, Gatorade are all owned by which company? – Pepsico
9. Whose book is Straight From The Gut? – Jack Welch
10. Logo (Tux the penguin) – Linux
11. Aveo is a car from which global giant in India? – Chevrolet
12. Ngultrum is the currency of which country? – Bhutan
13. Visual of cover of Newsweek. – Donald Trump
14. Visual – Varghese Kurien
15. If Samsung is to Chelsea, who is to Liverpool? – Carlsberg
16. Visual of an online banner ad. –
17. Kings and Leela’s Rio are new entrants into which business in Goa? – Casinos
18. Which airport in India operates from a military airbase called INS Hansa? – Dabolim/Goa Airport
19. TVC – HSBC
20. TVC – LIC

Wild Card Round: (8 questions on the buzzer, +1/-1)
1. If CD is Compact Disc and DVD is Digital Versatile Disc, what is BD? – Blu-ray Disc
2. “Seedhi baat, no bakwaas” – Sprite
3. It was created for 35$... – Nike Swoosh
4. This brand had a problem because the name they chose clashed with that of a move in wrestling. The move in question was called ‘shuffle’. Which brand? – Apple iPod
5. Which unlikely company manufactures a soap brand called Santoor? – Wipro
6. Which company built the Lotus Temple and the Bridge on the River Kwai? – L&T
7. Expand SEBI – Securities & Exchange Board of India

Round 1 – The A-Mazing World (6 questions on D&P, +10)
1. In 1997, and Indian entrepreneur convinced Antoine Bagche from Vienna to invest in his ‘bread business’ in India, thus creating a well-known brand in the food business. Which one? – Pizza Corner
2. What term comes from the Latin phrase meaning “course of life” and the French for “summary”? – Curriculum Vitae/Resume
3. In 1925, an architect named Arthur Heineman designed something that started of a new concept in the travel and hospitality business. What? – Motel
4. In 1982, an accountant named Ramachandran was carrying out chemical trading for his clients, when he was left with unpaid bills and unutilized stock. What company did he create to utilize the chemicals that he was in possession of? – Jyothi Laboratories
5. Connect – 1971, Cambridge – Massachusetts, Bolt, Bernach & Newman – The first email
6. Which TV campaign was shot in Capetown, South Africa at a cost of 2.5 crore and used racers named….? – Bajaj Pulsar Mania

Round 2 – A-Mazing Identity (6 visual questions on D&P, +10)
1. Visual of some coins which created a problem in some parts of India and RBI had to take steps to take them out of circulation. – They were Portuguese era coins that came from Goa and were sold by weight to people in Gujarat who used them to throw into the Narmada as part of some cleansing ritual.
2. Visual – Naina Lal Kidwai
3. Print ad – Durex
4. Print ad – United Colours of Benetton
5. Logo – Salgaocar Group
6. Statue of a man sitting with Minnie Mouse – Roy Disney

Round 3 – Tata World (4 questions on the buzzer, +5/-5)
1. “Spoil Yourself” – Tata Indigo
2. If B. Muthuraman is the CEO of Tata Steel, who its its Chairman? – Ratan Tata
3. 36 Indian actresses were considered, until they found the ‘perfect Raga’. Who? – Rani Mukherjee
4. “Jaago Re India” – Tata Tea

Round 4 – Reason A-Mazingly ( 4 connect questions on the buzzer, +10/-10)
1. Book cover of The Argumentative Indian, Bharat Ratna award, Nobel Prize medal, scene from Black – Amartya Sen
2. Logos of Air India, VSNL, Corus, Daewoo, song from Bose, A Forgotten Hero – House of Tatas
3. Acuvue, Clean & Clear, Hippocratic symbol, visual of founder – Johnson & Johnson
4. Sania Mirza, Apache Indian, Star, M. S. Dhoni – TVS

Round 5 – A-Mazing Deductions (3 three-clues questions, +15,+10,+5/-10)
1. i) It was started in 1965 as a vision of Lal Bahadur Shastri
ii) It pioneered the White Revolution in India
iii) Its founder Chairman was Dr. Varghese Kurien - National Dairy Development Board

2. i) It was originally hand-drawn using architectural equipment, blueprinted and pasted onto a wooden board.
ii) Its first factory was in Doddington, Connecticut.
iii) It was originally named Lexico. - Scrabble

3. i) This device was originally used on aircraft to guide missiles to their target. - The joystick


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