Monday, April 9, 2012

QPL Tournament Structure

Now that we finally have a fix on the number of teams -- 13 -- contesting the QPL, I am able to come up with a concrete plan for the tournament structure.

Round 1: 3 matches with four teams each (5 teams in Match 3); top two from each match automatically qualify for semi-finals

Matches 1 and 2 have already been completed; Match 3 will be held in Margao on Saturday April 28, with the three teams from Margao and the two new teams from Panjim in the fray.

Play-off: The seven teams that do not automatically qualify for the semis from Round 1 will all enter into a single Play-off match to determine the last two places in the semis.

Semi-finals: The six teams that automatically qualify from the three Round 1 Matches and the top two teams from the Play-offs will be divided into two Semi-final matches with four teams each. The top two teams from each Semi-final will go through to the Finals.

Finals: The top two teams from each of the two Semis will battle it out for the title of QPL Champions.

Tentative dates and venues:
Round 1 Match 3: Margao, Sat April 28
Play-offs: Margao, Sat May 5
Semi-final 1: Panjim, Sun May 20
Semi-final 2: Margao, Sat May 26
Finals: Panjim, Sat June 2

All Margao matches will be played at the Urban Health Centre, opposite the Hospicio. All Panjim matches will be played at the International Centre Goa (ICG) in Dona Paula.

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