Friday, March 16, 2012

The QPL Gets Going

SEQC's Quizzing Premier League (QPL) got off to a rollicking start on March 11 at the International Centre Goa. A total of 32 participants took the Selections, and were divided into eight teams based on their test scores. Four of these teams then competed against each other in the first of the Round 1 matches, with the top two assured of spots in the semi-finals.

The team compositions will stay the same for the remainder of the competition. However, a system of substitution will allow for missing team members to be replaced on a given day. As the substitutes will be chosen from among participants who have not made it through to the semis, there is some incentive for those who have lost out in earlier Round 1 matches to continue coming on later dates.

In addition, there is also a plan for those who couldn't attend the Selections on March 11. The second Round 1 match will be held on April 8 (details will be posted later), prior to which we will conduct a second lot of Selections. If you missed out on the first day, you can still get into a team if you come for the Selections on the 8th.

Incidentally, even teams that didn't make it through to the semis from the 1st-round matches may stand a second chance, depending on turnouts over the next couple of match dates. Watch this space!

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