Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Rajiv D'Silva tops the Streams of Consciousness

At the culmination of what turned out to be an extended 10-month-long period, we have a clear winner for the Streams of Consciousness series – a dark horse named Rajiv D'Silva. With Top 2 finishes in each of the three streams, he is the undisputed Teacher's Pet, finishing with 16 Stars, 6 clear of the pack. Nitish, Shekhar, and JK finish with 10 Stars each – the lattermost creditworthy for having missed one of the streams.

A validation of the concept of the series lies in the fact that each of the final Top 4 came out a winner in one of the streams – Nitish and Rajiv tied for 1st place in Commerce, Doc was top dog in the Arts, and JK won the Science quiz.

At the end of the day, to paraphrase every sports captain and coach ever, quizzing is the winner, having taken its first tentative steps out of the gloom of the lockdown.

Here is the final Top 10 chart for the Streams of Consciousness extra-long-format competition:

A full listing of the results for the entire series can be accessed here.

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