Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Quickies on the 10th

UPDATE: Annie is indisposed, so these two quickies will not take place as scheduled. New dates will be announced once they are decided.

This Sunday (the 10th), the monthly will be preceded by a couple of other quickies.

At 3pm, Annie Sen Gupta will conduct a rehash of two of his Earthen Oven Pub Quizzes for anyone who's interested. The quizzes he plans to do are 'Tears of the Peacock' (a quiz on love, sex and the wild life -- be warned that it's X-rated); and, if time permits, 'Smells Like Theme Spirit', a quiz with Themes around Themes.

At 4pm, Annie will conduct the technical session of the Quizmaster's Workshop. Subjects to be covered:
* How to download a YouTube video
* How to clip a YouTube video and convert for use on PPT
* How to convert a YouTube video for use as an audio clip
* How to embed AV files in a PPT without sending the file size through the roof
* Basics of PPT make-up -- typefaces and point sizes, colours, backgrounds, transitions

No pre-registration is required for either event.

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