Monday, November 28, 2016

Master, Mind It! qualifiers

The Margao round of Master, Mind It! saw two very tight matches and one, where a close fight was expected, that was quite a walkover finally.

In Match 1, Harsh (Bhatkuly) pulled off a near-perfect score on his chosen subject, a 'Sairam' in place of a 'Sainath' the only fumble. Nitish, who would have been expected to do much better, managed only 3 points to effectively knock himself out of the competition, coming third behind Paul. Kanchan was a nervous fourth.

Match 2 was very evenly contested, with the two young college students Tejan and Harsh (Hegde) matching Gouthami and Ameya. The latter won the match by a whisker, but the high-scoring nature of the match has ensured that two of his fellow contestants also go through to the next round.

Match 3 almost saw a huge upset, with Sahil matching Rajiv's score on both the chosen subject as well as the general knowledge sets, but Rajiv topped by virtue of fewer passes. Viola also finished level on scores with Rajiv and Sahil, but will lose out on a place in the semis because of her 7 passes. Her best hope is that one of the other qualifiers expresses an inability to attend.

With all six matches done, the 12 people who go through to the Semis are given below.

Automatically qualifying as Match winners:
1. Ajey
2. Chirag
3. Srijit
4. Harsh B
5. Ameya
6. Rajiv

Joining them will be:
7. Sanjay – 12 points (0 passes)
8. Gouthami – 11 (0)
9. Gadgil – 11 (1)
10. Tejan – 11 (3)
11. Delson – 10 (2)
12. Sahil – 10 (3)

Unlucky 13. Viola – 10 (7)

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