Friday, October 7, 2016

BiG Q 2016 – scores and content

A total of 40 participants took The BiG Q test across Panjim and Margao, down from 51 in 2015 -- continuing a relentless downward trend in the number of people answering this quiz. The format changes initiated last year were enhanced this time around, with several new sections added. The total number of possible points in The BiG Q 2016 amounted to 150.

As with last year, Rajiv D'Silva and Vidyadhar Gadgil are the two quizzers at the top of the rankings. Where this year's results differ from the previous edition, though, is that there is no tie, with Rajiv beating Gadgil by 76 points to 72. This year's BiG Q, therefore, is Rajiv D'Silva, while Vidyadhar Gadgil takes the crown of Best Open Quizzer from Panjim. The Margao Best Open Quizzer is Sanjiv Prabhudessai, who scored 49 points. The top Schools quizzers across both venues were closely bunched around the 30-point mark. Altamash Panjwany, who scored 31, beats his nearest competitor, Ishan Kakodkar, by 2 points to take the title of Best Schools Quizzer from Margao; the BSQ in Panjim, Kaivalya Karkare, is slotted between them in the overall rankings, with 30 points.

Since this post has been a little delayed, the Panjim prizes have already been awarded -- during the Panjim monthly on October 2. The Margao prizes will be awarded on the sidelines of the Master, Mind It! competition scheduled for end-October. Winners are requested to try and attend.

Here are the top 10 finishers:

For the complete list of scores, click here.

The question paper (without answers) can be accessed here; and the answer key here.

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