Thursday, July 28, 2016

MMI 2016 Competition Format

Dei, these twenty-two rowdies have challenged me, Twin-Gun Gurugan: Nitish, Delson, Ajey, Anjali, Gouthami, Ameya, Rajiv, Mahesh, Sunil, Kanchan, Gadgil, Sanjay, Srijit, Paul, Sahil, Tanmay, Suraj, Viola, Harsh Hegde, Anant, Chirag, and Tejan Karmali.

[Okay, I can't do the 'accent' any more.] 

Based on the number of registrations, here's the format for the competition.

Round 1

  • The participants will be divided into six Groups, four with 4 participants each, and two with 3 each.
  • The Groups will be chosen through a draw of lots at a prior event.
  • Each Group will have its own 1st-Round Match, in which the participants will be asked 10 questions on their chosen subject and 10 questions on general knowledge.
  • The questions will be like in all our quizzes, audiovisual questions as well as dry ones.
  • The winners of the six Matches will automatically go through to the Semi-finals. The two best second-placed players across the Groups (in terms of points scored, not some popularity contest) will also qualify.
Semi-finals and Finals
  • The 8 qualifiers will be divided into two Semis with four Players each. 
  • If, for whatever reason, any of the 8 original qualifiers cannot make it for the Semis, their place(s) will be taken by the player(s) with the next highest score in the 1st-Round Matches.
  • The format of the Semis will be identical to the Round 1 matches.
  • The top 2 from each Semi will meet in the Final.
  • The format of the Final will remain as in earlier rounds, except that there will be more questions for both the specialised subject and general knowledge sets.

Dates and Venues

  • The Round 1 matches will be held over two days -- Sunday, October 16 at ICG, and on Sunday, October 30 (in place of the Margao monthly) at UHC, Margao.
  • The Semi-finals and the Final will be held in mid-November and mid-December, respectively, on dates yet to be decided.

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