Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SEQC Half-Open Final – results and content

The Final of the SEQC Half-Open tournament, which was conducted in three Episodes from March to May, saw the top four teams from those Episodes in action one last time. Though it was exciting in its own right, it lacked the close finishes and cliffhangers that had made the earlier stage of the competition exciting. The Vandals, consisting of Anjali, Delson and Rajiv – the only team, incidentally, that showed up in full for all the three Episodes, ran away from the rest early in the game, and the other three teams were left fighting it out amongst themselves. Hey Prabhu Srividya, which unlike The Vandals had fielded a different combo at each stage (in Episode 2, Srijit competed on his own), gradually fought their way up the scoreboard, eventually falling short by just 17 points. As Gadgil said, if there had been one more round, they might have made it to the top.

Here are the Final scores:
1st: The Vandals (Anjali, Rajiv, Delson) – 291 points
2nd: Hey Prabhu Srividya (Gadgil, Mahesh, Srijit) – 274
3rd: Mad Men (Aditya, Sanjay, Sanket, Siddhant) – 180
4th: Wagle ki Duniya (Ajey, Nitish, Pallavi) – 164


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