Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Announcing the SEQC Half-Open

The SEQC Half-Open (so-called because it's an Open Quiz, but with a couple of restrictions) is the quiz club's second series for the 2015-16 year. The quiz series will be held across three Episodes -- Sunday March 13 at ICG in Panjim; Sunday April 17 at the UHC in Margao; and Sunday May 15 at ICG in Panjim. It will be held as a league championship, with 'Stars' (to distinguish them from the points in individual Episodes) being won as per positions in each of the three events. The series will culminate in a Series Finale on May 15, after Episode 3 earlier the same day.

The series will be for pre-formed teams of three members each, with the following conditions:
(A) Not more than one member from amongst the top 7 in the Leaderboard, plus Rajiv
(B) Not more than two members from amongst the top 15 in the Leaderboard, plus Rajiv
[Rajiv appears separately in the lists, like Robert Vadra, because he has retired from the Leaderboard, but not from quizzing.]
This is based on the Leaderboard as it stands updated today, March 9, 2016. I will post the specific names on each of these lists in a separate post, so there is no room for confusion.

Teams that have no members from list (A) are allowed to have up to four members. This is particularly meant to encourage such possibilities as college or school teams, that may have none of the quiz club's 'stars', but as a team can be strong contenders nevertheless.

For a team in Episodes 2 or 3 to be considered the same as one that has appeared previously, at least two members from the original team must be common. This is irrespective of whether the original team had three members or four.
UPDATE: Teams will remain the same throughout the tournament. This will be true of both pre-registered teams and those formed on the spot. Teams with missing team members will participate with whomever is available on a given day. New arrivals can form teams of their own. There will be no lower limit to the number of members in a team for a specific Episode.

The quiz content will be of a general nature, with my intention to make the content as high-quality (not necessarily difficult, but certainly challenging and entertaining) as I can. Across the three Episodes, I will deploy many of the types of rounds that I generally like -- Connect, Theme, Multiple-Clue, etc -- plus a few new ones. I will put out a separate post detailing the planned format and league table structure.

I would ideally like teams to be pre-registered, and am incentivising that as detailed in the next post. To pre-register your team, please send a mail to before midnight on Saturday March 12. The mail should have the subject line 'Registration for SEQC Half-Open', and list the team members and a provisional team name.

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