Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Laughing all the way

Here's a video clip to illustrate what QuizStock '15 felt like. This is from the BEST Quiz conducted by Nitish, the last quiz of the jamboree. I'm not sure what the first burst of laughter was about, but it could be related to a question about the airline designated the safest in the world, and its low-cost carrier. Delson (who is shooting the video) whispered to Rajiv that it could be Qantas. Rajiv, who misheard his answer, turned to him and asked in incredulity but in all seriousness, "There's an airline called Wankers?!" So of course, when we gave the answer, we went for Qantas, and proposed that its low-cost carrier was called Wankers, as that's how they refer to the cattle-class customers.

The second burst of laughter was for what must have been the funniest moment of the weekend. Anjali was in top form throughout the BEST Quiz, which was a bit of a "well left" affair for most of the teams. For the airlines question above, her answers were "Air Force One and Air Force Someone". Towards the end, when yet another question rolled by which the team she was on knew nothing about, her answer was "Whatever Team 3 says". As we were Team 3, and next in line, this was brilliant pre-empting. It's not that funny when it's written out like this, but if you had been there, you would have died laughing. Which, as you will see on the clip, most of us did. Enjoy!

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Can you upload the Quizzes plz especially the Social Science & Goa Open