Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The 2nd Voyage of 'Around the World in 30 Questions'

The 2nd Voyage of 'Around the World in 30 Questions' will commence at 5pm on Sunday November 16 at the Urban Health Centre in Margao. All those who were present for the 1st Voyage, held at the ICG on October 19, are requested to try and turn up, as the teams will remain the same as they were for that trip. New sailors will be added to the existing teams, starting from the currently lowest-placed team. The three lowest-placed teams will also be allowed to 'poach' a team member each from the teams above them. Plus there are a few other changes in format to make the game even more exciting.


Anonymous said...

Hey, is there any subscription method by which I could see the SEQC quizzes - like, could I pay for subscription so as to get into a , say mailing list, of the SEQC quizzes? []

Rajiv D'Silva said...

Dear Anon,
All SEQC quizzes are posted here for free. But you are welcome to make a donation if you so wish :-).