Monday, September 29, 2014

BiG Q 2014 – scores and content

A total of 36 participants took The BiG Q test across Panjim and Margao. The general asssessment was that it was easier than in previous years, an opinion borne out by the higher scoring across the board.

Rajiv D'Silva retained the title of The BiG Q, scoring 76 points. Hot on his heels were Julian D'Costa with 74 and Vidyadhar Gadgil on 73, who win the Best Open Quizzer prizes for Margao and Panjim, respectively. Tarun Mascarenhas, who scored 50, is the Best Schools Quizzer from Margao; while Dhanraj Naik with 29 wins that title from the Panjim venue.

Prizes will be awarded during the Panjim monthly to be held on October 5. Winners, you are requested to try and attend, as there's always the chance that your prize money will end up being used for booze if you're not there to grab it.

Here are the top 10 finishers:

Participant Venue Category Score ** *    
Rajiv D'Silva Panjim Open 76     2 6  
Julian D'Costa Margao School 74     2 6  
Vidyadhar Gadgil Panjim Open 73     3 5  
Pradhyumna Bhat Margao Open 57     2 4  
Rajeev N. Panjim Open 57     2 3  
Sangeeth S. Varma Margao Open 54     1 5  
Harsh Bhatkuly Panjim Open 53     1 3  
Anjali Sen Gupta Panjim Open 52     1 3  
Tarun Mascarenhas Margao School 50     2 4  
Raunaq Rao Panjim Open 46     1 2

For the complete list of scores, click here.

The question paper for the quiz is available here, and the paper with the answers here

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