Friday, October 5, 2012

BiG Q 2012 -- Goa scores

The turnout for BiG Q in Goa was rather paltry this year. A total of 42 participants took the quiz in three centres.

The BiG Q for 2012 is Rajiv D'Silva, for the second year in a row. Whiz kid Julian D'Costa (all of what, 14 years?) is rapidly catching up with the bigger Qs, though. He was just 5 points behind Rajiv this time.

The Best Open Quizzers are Harshvardhan Bhatkuly (Panjim), Julian D'Costa (Margao) and Tanmay Naik (Vasco). The Best School Quizzers are Shashwat Salgaocar (Panjim), Harsh Hegde (Margao) and Satyajit Dey Pereira (Vasco).

Here are the top 10 scores for this year across all three locations:

1. Rajiv D'Silva 62
2. Julian D'Costa 57.5
3. V.R. Muralidharan 47.5
4. Harshvardhan Bhatkuly 39.5
5. Shashwat Salgaocar 38
6. Anil Rodrigues 36.5
7. Nitish Wagle 36
8. Sunil Sardessai 34
9. Amit Shet 32.5
10. Paul Gatward 29.5

The full list of scores can be accessed here.

Anjali took the test at home, and scored a very creditable 40.5 points. Unlucky for her she couldn't be part of the official edition.

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