Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SEQC Road Trip 2012 -- a report in pix

The Road Trip was a blast. Some 40-45 of us, including a cacophony of kids (my own coinage, but could work), set off bright and early on the morning of Sunday, July 22. Made good time, had a satisfying breakfast at Paroda, and arrived at our first stop -- the foot of Chandreshwar hill. Here, on the concrete cover of a pipeline (I'm guessing), we did our first two rounds of quizzing. Nitish Wagle and Sadhika Buddaseth did the interrogation. Rajiv had, in a fit of efficiency, worked out the teams in advance, and that allowed us to start off quickly.

The six teams for the day.

Two people missing from the photo above -- roving cameraperson Tallulah D'Silva and our first QM, Nitish Wagle.

Sadika Buddaseth asking a visual question, and being challenged by Rajiv D'Silva on a business logo.

Our next stop was the Bubdbudanche Tollem at the Gopinath Temple. Some people got wet in the pond, some stayed out of the rain, and yet others went exploring in the temple. A millipede made an appearance.
The final destination was the Tanishker Farm in Netravali. Had a great lunch, followed by a full afternoon of quizzing. Some found other ways to entertain themselves. 


Anonymous said...

Great Photos - captures the mood of the day.

Anjali Kelling said...

Looks super - sorry we missed it. Will definitely try to make it to the next one.

Anjali, Sven & Mariella Kelling

Anjali Kelling said...

Looks great - sorry we missed it - hope to make it to the next one.