Monday, July 23, 2012

SEQCm July

This weekend will witness the debut of a young quizmaster who has impressed much with her quizzing ability, and will now endeavour to do the same with her quiz-setting. Many of us will drive miles and miles in pouring rain, miss our Saturday siestas, leave behind our loved ones, forget about hospitalized aunts, and risk being run over as we cross the road in front of the Urban Health Centre, all to be able to tell our grandchildren - "We were there when Viola did her first quiz."
But no pressure, Viola :-).

Date: 28th July 2012
Time: 5.00 pm
QM: Viola Rodrigues
Flavour: General
Venue: Urban Health Centre, opp Hospicio Hospital, Margao
Participation: Open to all, entry free

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