Monday, May 7, 2012

QPL Semi-finals Line-up

Eight teams have made it through to the QPL Semi-finals. Here are the Semi-final line-ups.
Semi-final A, Panjim, Sunday May 20: Slouchers, Poders, Washouts, Samurais
Semi-final B, Margao, Saturday May 26: Tubelights, Gaurs, Couch Potatoes, Bloody B@@skets

Teams will consist of four members each, ideally those from the most recent outings of the team. In case of absent members, substitutions will be made on the following criteria:
Priority 1: Any member who has been part of the team at any stage
Priority 2: Any member who was originally selected for the team but did not participate in any of its matches
Priority 3: Players from teams not in the Semis, with substitutions made based on the proximity of scores from the Selection Trials

If even one member of a team turns up, that team will be deemed to be present and the other members will be substituted. If all members of a team fail to turn up, that team will be replaced by the next best team, based on the scores in the Round 1 Matches.

Potential team compositions
* Slouchers: Julian D'Costa*, Anil Rodrigues, Lea Rebello and Srijit Kumar (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: none)
* Poders: Rajiv D'Silva*, Mahesh Prabhu and Agastya Keni (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: Jatan Rodrigues)
* Washouts: Andy Carvalho*, Suraj Kamat, Soniya Vengurlekar and Wyl Coutinho (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: Hilario Goes)
* Samurais: Sunil Sardessai*, Ari Pereira, Ira Almeida and Mohnish Sardessai (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: Tanmay Naik, Kedar Naik, Rohit Viegas)
* Tubelights: Nitish Wagle, Anand P.S., Anjali Sen Gupta and Ashwin Mascarenhas (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: none)
* Gaurs: Paul Gatward*, Tallulah D'Silva and Soham Gaunekar (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: Parind Phadte, Amey)
* Couch Potatoes: Shubham Tiwari*, Kunal Naik and Nitish Fatarpekar (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: none)
* Bloody B@@skets: Harsh Hegde*, Ashwin Kumar, Eric Correia and Nathan Moniz (possible Priority 1 and 2 subs: Karen Almeida, Julia Talaulikar)

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