Monday, May 28, 2012

QPL Semi-final B -- results

The second QPL Semi-final was much more of a humdinger than the first one. Three teams were in the fray right till the last question, but it was the youngest of the lot that eventually gave in to the staying power of the oldies. SEQC veteran Leroy Veloso returned, got lucky and entered the Finals.
Here are the results:

1st: Tubelights (Nitish Wagle*, Kalpana Satarkar, Anjali Sen Gupta and Leroy Veloso) -- 176 points
2nd: Gaurs (Paul Gatward*, Tallulah D'Silva, Parind Phadte and Soham Gaunekar) -- 172
3rd: Couch Potatoes (Shubham Tiwari*, Kunal Naik, Nitish Fatarpekar and Tanuj) -- 156
4th: Bloody B@@skets (Harsh Hegde*, Eric Correia, Ashwin Kumar and Sahil Ramchandani) -- 84

Tubelights and Gaurs make it through to the Finals. Commiserations to the Couch Potatoes.

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