Monday, February 20, 2012

MusiQuiz 2012 hits the high notes!

Sachin Chatte pulled off another blockbuster with MusiQuiz 2012, the second edition of what has now become SEQC's annual music quiz. Turnout was on the low side again -- SEQC seems to be losing its sheen, and consequently its participants, but the 20-odd teams that participated in the prelims were treated to a symphony of high-quality questions. Once again, Sachin pitched the length of the quiz and the level of the questions just right. The Tonca Boys, consisting of Sunil Sardessai and Charles Rodrigues, won a cliffhanger by clinching the last question. In second and third place were two couples -- Annie and Anjali Sen Gupta, followed by Rajiv and Tallulah D'Silva.

Sachin waits for the sun to go down enough so he can start the quiz.

The Quizmistress and the Quizmystery.

Teams slog it out during the prelims.

The first question of the finals.

The finalist teams in action. Evidently, one team were deemed too ugly to photograph, so we've had to carry another photo of Sachin conducting the quiz :-(

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