Thursday, March 3, 2011

SEQCm February - Results and Content

QMs: Dr. V. R. Muralidharan & Deepa Muralidharan

1st: Fatima Moniz, Blessie James, Rajesh Panicker, Chantal D'Costa, Ira Almeida - 130
2nd: Pravin D'Silva, Gavin D'Mello, Julian D'Costa, Priya Viegas, Eddie Fernandes - 70
3rd: Angad Chahal, Anurag Panicker, Nathan Moniz, Abhijit Virginkar - 60
4th: A.R.Panicker, Sushila Sawant Mendes, Terrence D'Costa, Marc Mascarenhas - 50
5th: Sandeep Khalap, R. Kumar, S.S.Chahal, Sairaj Phaldessai, Krubesh Karunakaran - 40
6th: Ruud Rodrigues, Ethan Alberto, Rohit Veigas, Vaibhav Koya - 10

Here is the slideshow of the quiz:


Groucho said...

Absolutely brilliant quiz, congrats, Dr Muralidharan and Deepa! Really fascinating questions. I loved the one about Gerald Durrell. Am a huge fan, but this left me stumped. From the list, I see practically nobody from the North attended. Their loss.
The slide show is a little messy in terms of sequencing and some missing answers. Can it be fixed?

murali said...

Some of the answers also had videos which were removed. The actual presentation was in two parts, the questions and answer in two different files, hence the problem of sequencing while preparing it for this blog. If you want I can give the answers in a pdf file