Friday, February 18, 2011

Tata Crucible Campus - Goa Results

Its been a while since one witnessed so much drama at a quiz. The BITS team of Anand Shankar & Varun M. came back from the brink of elimination to win their maiden TC title, putting up a virtuoso quizzing as well as dramatic performance that was thoroughly entertaining if you were in the audience. Every emotion known to man, and then some, were on show that evening. Throw your mind back to Sushmita Sen's memorable display of pure exhiliration when she won the Miss Universe crown in God-knows-when. Then imagine that she had burst into tears during the Swimsuit round, jumped up and down when she made the first cut, flopped dejectedly on stage during the evening gown round and then gone on to credit Miss USA for her victory, and you will then begin to get a rough idea of the kind of evening Anand Shankar had. Just for that, he deserves every smacker of the 75k he and his teammate won.

Ist: Anand Shankar & Varun M. (BITS, Zuarinagar)
2nd: Adish Talwadker & Anant Lawande (GMC, Bambolim)
3rd: Ajay Parasuraman & Sunil Thomas (BITS, Zuarinagar)
4th: Pankaj & Shoiab (BIM, Belgaum)
5th: Jaspreet & Puneet (GIM, Sanquelim)
6th: Servesh & Samved (GIM, Sanquelim)


Anniesen said...

Man, Rajiv, you should write a humour column. That was really funny!

Rajiv D'Silva said...

Ha! Maybe I will make that my retirement plan.