Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SEQC June Quiz - Review & content

A review of the June Quiz by Atharv Joshi

Whoa… Yet another quiz this weekend! “Yup! I’m ready for it” said 45 SEQCites and thus started the 1st Monthly Quiz of the third SEQCian Year. About half of the Quizzados were school children like me. Amit was the QM, and after briefing us with the rules and the so called “Red-Cards” he began the 8 match Quiz. The theme of the quiz was “Football 2010” (If I decoded that correctly) and the teams were all named after leading football countries from each continent (except Antarctica!). After the initial blah-blah on projectors heating up and whether “Korean Republic” should be North or South, the first round began. It was called the “Written Word” and to quote Amit “It was meant for all, as sometimes, the teams which know the answers to oral questions do not get to answer them.” We had a feisty fight between the top countries and just as we wanted more, the referee (Read: Amit, QM) blew his whistle and announced Half Time.

In the intermission, champ-elect Annie was given the “Quizzer of the Year” trophy by the youngest person present and after a brief eat, we sat down albeit full-stomach for the remaining 3 matches. Then came the prizes for the SoQ 2010, the unique Summer Camp for kids and Annie gave a brief speech on a brief report of the Second SEQCian year.

Heading back to the quiz…It was a tough fight and at the end of it, Annie just proved why he is the “QOY” and his team took the World Cup. Ironically, his team was South Africa, so who knows, it may just come true “South Africa win the FIFA WC 2010”. Rajiv’s team came a close second. Speaking about the quiz, it had a record 76 questions, devised and tested by Amit Shet himself. And that too in 3 days (equaling Ajachi’s Record) after losing his Quizzing Database and the original set of questions. With assorted rounds from Quizzing about India, Personalities, the World to a FIFA World Cup specific Round, the quiz had it all. That was it and that was that, 8 matches – one day – first quiz, what more could anybody crave???

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