Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fourplay/Mastermind: The evening in pictures

The crowd has a good time.

Victor and Lea Rangel-Ribeiro.

Rajiv gets Fourplay going.

Rajiv conducting the Fourplay prelims.

The crowd, now not having such a good time, tries to answer the prelims questions.

The two Fourplay finals teams devise strategies.

The Divli Lawns, a great setting for the evening's proceedings.

Fingers on the buzzers, answers on the tips of their tongues.

The crowd gets back to having a good time.

Sometimes too much of a good time -- if Sachin weren't a teetotaller, we'd be wondering about this photo.

Not everyone was interested in the quizzing.

Annie does the MC dance...

...much to the amusement of the three idiots, sorry, finalists.

Tense times in the hot seat.

Victor delivers a captivating speech...

...and ends the day with a smile. The crowd, though, you can't see it here, has a good time.

The photos featured here have been taken by Roberta Bensky, Jatan Rodrigues and Anjali Sen Gupta. To see more of Roberta's pix of the event, click here.

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SagarKamat said...

great pics! i had a nice time at this meet. the pics kinda captured the mood