Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the record

A report on the SEQC February 2010 quiz

Okay, so this report's rather late, but then, so was the quiz. All the same, it was great. Rajiv set a new record for delayed starts to an SEQC monthly quiz, thus also managing the record for late finishes. Numerous new entrants, particularly young quizzers from the various school and college quizzes we've been organising, made for a record attendance for an SEQC monthly. And this report, perhaps a record for the longest duration between an SEQC quiz and its report. On the whole, quite a record-breaking quiz.

The quiz itself was a tough one, even by Rajiv's standards, but one that served to remind one why Rajiv is among the most popular and most respected quizmasters in Goa. The big crowd made for some noisy quizzing, especially given the raucous and confrontational BITS contingent.

The battle for positions seemed to have gone a little off-form in the opening rounds, with our team not scoring for three whole rounds. But then, with us putting in a late surge, the finish managed to become a cliffhanger thing, as we came within a question of catching up with the leading team of the evening -- the one spearheaded by Gadgil, Tallulah and two of the BITS boys. Rajiv's innovative last-round format, a way of building in a fair deal for all teams, added to the excitement. Eventually, though, the best team won, thanks to a moonwalking bird spotted by Tallulah, a video question and answer that brought appreciative aahs from everyone in the room.

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