Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sachin at the Bat

A report on the September 2009 SEQC Quiz
by Aniruddha Sen Gupta

There was tension in the air
As Sachin came out to play.
The laptop was on the blink,
The projector gone astray.
It was two down for nothing,
But the master blaster was cool;
For that's the kind of score
Our Sachin's faced since school.

The first question was fielded
To the tensely waiting crowd.
His second streaked through,
And the applause swelled loud.
Boundaries were soon stretched,
The scores soared ever higher
The crowd was on its feet --
Sachin was off to a flyer!

By the time the day was done,
And Sachin left the field,
His masterclass was legend,
Exquisite style revealed.
Back in the dressing room
The bubbly would be fizzing
For that's how it always is
When Sachin goes quizzing.

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tallulah said...

Enjoyed your verse on Sachin, Annie!Super!