Monday, March 9, 2009

Well met by moonlight...

A report on the SEQC Women's Day Quiz.

Q - If you go to an event where you end up roaring with laughter half the time, can it be called a roaring success?
A - Technically, yes.

It was one of those days, I guess. First, not one, not two, but three people land up with hilarious haircuts. Then, Mariette comes dressed as the high priestess of some misandrous cult getting ready for a ritual moonlight sacrifice. If she had walked in with a knife I think half the men there would have legged it into the woods beyond Venita's backyard and taken their chances with the wild animals. Ha! Then, Tallulah introduces a buzzer round with improvised buzzers in the form of all manner of squeaky toys, whistles, rattles and whatnots. If the sight of grown men and women falling over each other and squeaking, rattling and blowing the hell out of unsuspecting toys doesn't make you crack up, nothing will. And finally, Anjali's final round that emerged as a take on the women of SEQC was fiendishly calculated to produce guffaws.

This was the second SEQC quiz to have multiple QM's, a format that everybody seems to be warming up to quite a bit. The turnout was good - 22 people (including 3 newbies), 2 kids, 4 dogs & 1 mom-about-the-house - and Venita's moonlit backyard lived up to its promise of an enchanting quizzing venue. The quiz began with a set by Tallulah, after which yours truly stepped up to the plate to do some pinch-hitting for the men. This is when we began to realize the perils of putting two 'seeded' players in the same team, as Annie, Hash, Nitash & Deepika's team began to run away with the quiz. Venita began the post-break session with a great set of questions and Anjali rounded it all up with her set. There were some great answers from the other teams, but the Annie-Hash-Nitash-Deepika team were simply unstoppable, and no doubt both Annie and Hash will claim to have a certain level of domain expertise on "women" now.

The complete results -

SEQC Women's Day Quiz

QMs - Tallulah D'Silva, Rajiv D'Silva, Venita Coelho, Anjali Sen Gupta

1st - Deepika Figueiredo, Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, C. G. Nitash (22 pts)
2nd - Mariette Correa, Soraya Mukherjee, Renuka Figueiredo, Vidyadhar Gadgil (8 pts)
Joint 3rd - [Anjali Sen Gupta, Janice Figueiredo, Paul Gatward, Ashray Adappa] & [Venita Coelho, Rakesh Sharma, Kaushik Ramanathan, Savio Figueiredo] (7 pts)
Joint 5th - [Tallulah D'Silva, Jayant Karn, P.D. Mukherjee] & [C.G. Niyati, Mahesh Prabhu, Rajiv D'Silva] (6 pts.)

Next weekend sees us meeting at PD's place for our regular quiz, QMed by Ameya Mardolkar. Details soon.


Anniesen said...

We need to remember to have cameras for each of the quizzes. This report on the one at Venita's could certainly have done with some photos, especially of those with the hilarious haircuts.

Rajiv D'Silva said...

Actually Tallulah did take some pictures, I'll have a look at them and see if any are worth uploading...