Sunday, March 15, 2009

SEQC Quiz#10 - March'09 Edition

Come March, and I was the QM again at the monthly SEQC quiz. I researched and presented the quiz for the SEQC people at PD's. Here publishing for the unlucky ones ;) who missed the live fun.


Navin Pai said...

nice.... but wht about the answers??

Some of them were really good, like the Harry Potter stock index (stockpikr one)
or the blood is thicker than water one (1.06:1.00)

or the national symbols one (pavo cristatus/pantheratigris etc etc

or the 'shaggy' one (Orville Richard Burrell)

Or fear of friday the 13th (Paraskevidekatriaphobia)

Or my fave of the lot: The homer simpson "doh" (FOX copyright!!) (

or the one on daylight savings (Ben Franklin to JoP)

BTW Walmart's mascot is Mr. Rollback, not Rollback man!!!

But really hoping to see some answers.....I couldn't figure out quite a few of the connect ones .....and wht is the 9W - CD - DN - IT - S2 - 6E - SG – G8 thing?? And wht does MS mean in the Moto world?? And wht is The Indian company is in red and the UK one in blue

And what is X3?? The president's chopper tht nearly collided with a plane??

But overall a great quiz bro!! :) :) :)

Ameya said...

Hi Navin,

Thanks for the compliment.
I wont be uploading the answers as I think Most of them are "googleable"

if you still cant find, I ll send u the specific ones. refer below:

- those are the IATA codes for Indian domestic carriers
-Maria Sharapova
-Tata Sky
-Tata Nano project