Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...sure as hell can't quiz without 'em

And so, SEQC holds a special International Women's Day Quiz this Sunday. While not quite being of the women, by the women & for the women, that fairer sex will feature quite heavily in it. This, coupled with Venita's promise of a moonlit courtyard and dinner on the house, should make this a miss-it-and-you'll-regret-it affair.

The SEQC Women's Day Quiz

Date: 8th March 2009
Time: 5 pm
QM: Multiple QM's, each doing a couple of rounds
Flavour: Strawberry
Venue: Casa Coelho, Moira
How to get there: (As provided by our gracious host herself) "If you're coming from Panjim.... stay on NH 17... resist all temptation to turn into Mapusa... go past Hotel Greenpark... next big cross roads you will have a turn into Mapusa on your left and a turn to Aldona/ Moira on your right... take the right... then immediate left... go past lots and lots of dry fields... over a little bridge... road turns to right... speed breaker... stay on road... you will in a bit see a football field and a white chapel on your right... keep on the road... it will dip downwards... on left you will see a cross... on the right you will see 'Coyote Wine Stores'... Aha - here is where you take a right... go down the road a bit... blue and white house that says 'Casa Coelho'... if lost ask for woman who drives jeep, has four dogs and got arrested..." or call Venita on 2470861. Once you get there she will no doubt satisfy your curiosity about the being arrested bit (if that has caught your attention) or the rather interestingly-named Coyote Wine Stores (that has caught mine).
Who can take part: Anybody whose idea of a good time is quizzing over a few drinks, eats and laughs. Just land up, no prior notification is required.

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